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CNC machine tools, daily regular maintenance is also very important


The daily maintenance of CNC machine tools requires maintenance personnel not only to have knowledge of machinery, processing technology, and hydraulic pressure, but also to have knowledge of electronic computers, automatic control, drive, and measurement technology, so that they can fully understand and master CNC lathes in a timely manner. maintenance work. The main maintenance work includes the following:

(1) Choose a suitable environment for use

The use environment of CNC lathes (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference, etc.) will affect the normal operation of the machine tool, so when installing the machine tool, it should strictly comply with the installation conditions and requirements stipulated in the machine tool manual. When economic conditions permit, CNC lathes should be installed separately from ordinary machining equipment for easy repair and maintenance.

(2) Equipped with specialized personnel for CNC system programming, operation and maintenance

These personnel should be familiar with some characteristics of the machine tool used, such as machinery, numerical control system, strong electrical equipment, hydraulic pressure, air pressure, etc., as well as the use environment and processing conditions, and can correctly use the CNC lathe according to the requirements of the machine tool and system instruction manual.

(3) Timing operation of CNC lathe

When the CNC lathe is not in use, the CNC system should be powered on frequently, and it should be run dry when the machine tool is locked. In the rainy season when the air humidity is high, it should be energized every day, and the moisture in the CNC cabinet should be driven away by the heat of the electrical components themselves, so as to ensure the stable and reliable performance of the electronic components.

(4) Inspection of machine tool cables

Mainly check whether there are faults such as poor contact, disconnection and short circuit at the moving joints and corners of the cable.

(5) Replace the battery in time

The parameter memory of some numerical control systems adopts CMOS components, and the stored content is maintained by battery power when the power is turned off. When a low-voltage alarm occurs, the battery must be replaced in time, and the control system must be powered on, otherwise the stored parameters will be lost and the CNC system will not work.

(6) Ensure hygiene and cleanliness

Such as the cleaning of air filters, electrical cabinets, and printed circuit boards.

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