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Precautions for using diamond grinding wheel


In the process of using diamond grinding wheels, we not only need to pay attention to the method of use, but also pay attention to timely replacement of unusable grinding wheels to avoid unnecessary losses. So, what are the replacement conditions for diamond grinding wheels? What are the precautions for using diamond grinding wheels? Let's take a look together.

Replacement conditions:

1. Wear problem

Any grinding wheel has its certain wear and tear requirements. When the wear condition reaches a certain level, it must be replaced with a new grinding wheel. In order to save materials, it is an extremely unsafe and illegal behavior to require the use of super wear. It is generally stipulated that when the grinding wheel is worn to a diameter 10mm larger than the diameter of the chuck, a new grinding wheel should be replaced.

2. Validity issue

The new grinding wheels taken from the warehouse are not necessarily qualified grinding wheels, and even the new grinding wheels purchased from the manufacturer are not necessarily qualified grinding wheels. Any grinding wheel has a certain validity period. If it is used within the validity period, it is a qualified grinding wheel; if it is used beyond the validity period, it is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel. The regulations stipulate that "grinding wheels should be used within the validity period, and resin and rubber bonded grinding wheels must undergo a rotation test after being stored for one year, and those who pass the test can be used."

3. Texture problems

During use, if cracks are found in some parts of the grinding wheel, stop using it immediately and replace with a new grinding wheel to avoid accidents caused by broken grinding wheel.


1. Side grinding problem

In the daily use of grinding machines, we often find that some operators use the side of the grinding wheel for grinding regardless of the type of grinding machine or the type of grinding wheel. This is an illegal operation that seriously violates the safety operating regulations. Behavior. According to the regulations, the grinding wheel with the circumferential surface as the working surface should not be used for grinding on the side. This kind of grinding wheel has a large radial strength and a small axial strength. When the operator uses too much force, the grinding wheel will be broken or even hurt. In practice This behavior should be prohibited during the use of .

2. Positive operational problems

In daily use, many operators are always accustomed to operating directly against the grinding wheel, because they can use force in this direction. In fact, this kind of behavior should be specially prohibited in the operation of the grinding wheel. According to the operating regulations, when using a grinder to grind workpieces, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel and not operate on the front of the grinding wheel, so as to avoid flying out of the grinding wheel or breaking the grinding wheel and hurting people when the grinding wheel fails.

3. The problem of force operation

When using a grinder, some operators, especially young operators, use excessive force in order to achieve a fast grinding speed. This is an extremely unsafe operation behavior. The flat body of any grinding wheel has a certain strength. Doing so may cause the grinding wheel to break, or even fly out and hurt people, which is also a behavior that should be prohibited.

4. Common operation issues

In the actual daily operation, there are also situations like this. In order to catch up with the production tasks and grab working time, two people share a grinder to operate at the same time. This is a serious violation of regulations and should be strictly prohibited. When a grinder is not enough, it can be solved by adding a grinder, and it is absolutely not allowed to share a grinder at the same time.

Through the introduction, we can initially know when the diamond grinding wheel can be replaced in time, and at the same time understand what needs to be paid attention to. It can be convenient for us to avoid some operational mistakes and reduce losses in future use.

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