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Regular Size of Wardrobe Doors


When purchasing or customizing a wardrobe, you need to choose the size according to the interior space. So what is the normal size of the wardrobe door? What types of wardrobes are there? Let's take a look together!

Wardrobe door regular size:

1. Swing door wardrobe, the size is 45-60 cm wide, not too wide, it is difficult to open if it is too wide, and it is easy to conflict with other designs. The wardrobe door can slide, the width is about 60-80 cm, the height should not be greater than 2.5 meters, the depth of the large wardrobe is about 55-60 cm, and the width of the wardrobe is 60 cm. 2. The width of the custom-made wardrobe is 55-60 cm, the width of the large wardrobe door is 45 cm, the sliding door is 60-80 cm, and the ceiling height is 85-98 cm. The size of the wardrobe for suspenders is 80-90 cm, and trousers of various lengths can be hung.

What are the types of wardrobes:

1. Built-in wardrobe

The embedded wardrobe can save space and has a long service life. It can embed the wardrobe on the wall, which is suitable for small apartments. The back of the cabinet is integrated with the wall to make the bedroom space larger. Use for a long time.

2. Push-pull wardrobe

The position of the push-pull wardrobe can be placed freely, and the sliding door is not limited. It belongs to space-saving furniture, and its style is fashionable. It can change its direction at will according to the internal layout of the wardrobe.

3. Swing door wardrobe

The swing door wardrobe has a large internal space, which belongs to the traditional wardrobe, and is professionally designed and manufactured. The large space can make the clothes display more neatly, and can be placed according to personal preferences.

4. Open wardrobe

Since the open wardrobe has no cabinet doors, the layout can be seen at a glance, the shape is simple, and it is generous and practical, allowing the owner to quickly access clothes.

5. Multifunctional wardrobe

Multifunctional wardrobe, large capacity, can combine bookcase, wardrobe and TV cabinet, etc. One cabinet is multi-purpose, and can be selected according to the size of the room, free combination, very practical.


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