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Which LED plant fill light will work better?


In real life, lamps can be divided into various types, such as LED lamps, camera flashes, wall washers, fluorescent tubes, etc. These lamps are all designed for humans and meet people's various needs in daily life. But there is a kind of light that is specially designed for plants, and that is the LED plant fill light. Led plant fill light is based on the basic principle that plants use natural light to carry out plant photosynthesis. It is a lighting fixture that uses light sources instead of natural light to consider the requirements of plants for light.

The energy necessary for plant growth needs to be provided by plant photosynthesis, and the sun is one of the indispensable conditions for plant photosynthesis. When natural light is insufficient, we can use LED plant fill light to supplement light for plants. But what kind of LED plant fill lights have you encountered in your use? Which plant fill light is powerful?

Some plant fill lights on the market include fluorescent tubes, metal halide lamps, halogen headlights, laser lights and LED plant fill lights. It stands to reason that these types of fill lights can have a positive effect on the growth and development of plants. A certain effect of fill light effect. However, some plant fill lights have some problems. Some fill lights lack color light or high-definition blue light that is used more for plant growth and development. Some fill lights have too high calorific value, and some fill lights Then the energy consumption is too large. Colored light is good for plants to bear fruit, high-definition blue light uses plant growth and development of leaves and stems, lack of any kind of light can not have a very good fill light effect on plant growth, and if the calorific value is too high, it will also cause burning to plants , so not all fill lights are good.

LED plant fill light is a kind of artificial synthetic light source that uses LED light-emitting diodes as light-emitting objects and considers the lighting standards required for plant photosynthesis. It belongs to the third-generation plant fill light. LED plant fill light has many advantages that are different from other fill lights. It has a variety of light wavelengths and can be customized to form visible light or composite light spectrometers according to its own requirements, which can concentrate light of special light wavelengths. Directly irradiating the crops in a balanced way can not only adjust the blooming and firmness of the crops, but also control the height of the plants and the nutrients of the plants. The system generates less heat and occupies less space. Miniaturization of heat consumption and manufacturing space.

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