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Features and Specifications of Rockchip RK3566 Core Board


The Rockchip RK3566 Core Board is a single-board computer (SBC) featuring the Rockchip RK3566 processor. Here’s an overview of its features, specifications, applications, and considerations:

Features and Specifications:

1. Processor:

  - Rockchip RK3566: A quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 processor with a Mali-G52 GPU. It is designed for efficient performance in a range of applications, including multimedia and general-purpose computing.

2. Memory and Storage:

  - RAM: Typically available with options ranging from 2GB to 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, depending on the board configuration.

  - Storage: Supports onboard eMMC storage and often includes options for microSD card slots for expandable storage.

3. Connectivity:

  - Networking: Features Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbps) for high-speed wired network connectivity.

  - Wireless: Includes options for Wi-Fi (802.11ac) and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling wireless networking and device connectivity.

4. Interfaces:

  - USB Ports: Multiple USB ports (USB 3.0 and USB 2.0) for connecting peripherals such as keyboards, mice, storage devices, and cameras.

  - Video Output: HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces for connecting to external displays, supporting resolutions up to 4K.

5. Expansion:

  - PCIe: Some models may feature PCIe interfaces for expansion cards, allowing connectivity with additional peripherals or accessories.

  - GPIO: General-purpose input/output pins for interfacing with sensors, actuators, and other external devices.

6. Operating System Support:

  - Linux: Compatible with various Linux distributions, often used for development and embedded applications.

  - Android: Capable of running Android OS, suitable for multimedia and consumer electronics applications.

7. Form Factor:

  - Compact Size: Designed in a compact form factor similar to other SBCs, making it suitable for integration into various embedded systems and projects.


- Embedded Systems: Used in various embedded applications such as industrial automation, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and digital signage.

- Media and Entertainment: Suitable for multimedia playback and streaming applications, including digital media players and set-top boxes.

- Education and Development: Ideal for educational purposes and prototyping projects that require processing power and multimedia capabilities.

- Consumer Electronics: Applications in home automation, smart appliances, and DIY electronics projects.


- Power Consumption: Evaluate power requirements based on the specific use case and ensure adequate power supply for stable operation.

- Peripheral Compatibility: Check compatibility with peripherals and accessories required for your project or application.

- Software Support: Availability of software libraries, drivers, and community support for the operating system and applications you intend to use.


The Rockchip RK3566 Core Board offers a versatile solution with its powerful processor, multimedia capabilities, and connectivity options. Whether for industrial applications, multimedia projects, or educational purposes, this SBC provides a robust platform for developing and deploying a wide range of embedded systems and applications. Understanding its features, specifications, and application scenarios helps in leveraging its capabilities effectively for specific project requirements.

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