Auger Drive 80000N for 26-40t Excavator

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Auger Drive 80000N for 26-40t Excavator is the largest Auger Drive in YICHEN Auger Drive line. The auger drive weights 770 kgs, and its torque is up to 80000 Nm. With 20 years of design and manufacturing experience of the excavator attachments. YICHEN is a professional excavator attachment manufacturer and has been committed to providing customers with highest quality and extremely efficient excavator attachment products. In addition, we also provide the services of product training, installation instruction, application consulting and product customization.

Yichen® Auger Drive 80000N for 26-40t Excavator has high quality hydraulic motor output bearings, 50% more efficient than other brands of Auger Drive.

Using high quality materials ensures a longer, more reliable life of the auger.

The unique design prevents the shaft from falling off, creating a safer working environment.

YICHEN auger has a variety of specifications, with a wide range of adaptability. Users can choose to use according to different operating environments.

Accurate drilling, turning and positioning, reliable and efficient design, low labor intensity.

The electric, hydraulic, control and monitoring instruments of the whole machine are concentrated in the cab, which is friendly to operator.

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