Auto Electrical Snail Horn

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CHINT® Automotive is an automotive Horn manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in automotive Horn over twenty years. CHINT® automotive Horn mainly includes Auto Electrical Snail Horn, Disc Horn, Air Horn for OEM and Aftermarket;Have obtained CCC certificate of China and E-mark certificate. Be able to develop various connectors, pins even horns as per your requirements and brand & packaging can be customizable as well.

CHINT® Auto Electrical Snail Horn is Electrical Horn, use the PCB and electronic unit to realize the function. By using the MOSFET instead of the traditional contact to increase the life endurance and ensure higher quality of sound.

1> Good sound and SPL in various environment conditions(High&low temperature plateau area) due to the new technique of frequency control principle.

2> More than 500,000 operations of the life endurance due to the MOSFET, 5 times more than the mechanical type Elec-Horn, and be able to sound continually more than 10 mins;

3> IP67;

Supply for: Mazda, ISUZU, GM. etc..  

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